Get Rid of Cable

Cut the Cord and Still Watch Your Favorite Shows

Cable was once our only means of watching TV, the Internet has made it possible to watch just about anything our heart desires online, anywhere, anytime.

Between the already-high cost of cable and dish services and that fact that it’s always getting more expensive, many of us have begun to question whether we need cable at all.  Most of us are still hesitant to fully cut the cord. This is usually because we fear that our favorite shows will no longer be available.

If the idea of not being able to watch movies or channels in real-time makes you hesitant to cut the cord, there is always SetvNow .

SetvNow offers a suite of online movie streaming services offering 500 plus channels for $20 a month for consumers and business customers. No Contract-No Fees... While they stream over the internet like other services, SetvNow, instead allow you to view your favorite channels live.

Catch the latest show everyone's talking about, like RAY DONOVAN and SHAMELESS and have access to hundreds of hours of top shows and movies. Plus, you can get SHOWTIME®, SHOWTIME ANYTIME®, and SHOWTIME ON DEMAND® This is premium entertainment at its best, and as a SetvNow subscriber, you can enjoy it all for less…

If you want to keep channels like HBO and Starz, you might want to consider SetvNow, as adding on more channels to other streaming services can rack up your bill rather quickly, and likely won’t save you much more than cable.  Sign-up for SetvNow today and SAVE!

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